Your Photo / Video Contest for Facebook
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Photo / Video Contest for Facebook - Check List

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing the Photo / Video Contest for Facebook from Filemobile. This email will walk you through gathering everything you need to get your contest launched as quickly as possible. There is also complete documentation available on the Developer Portal.

To understand exactly what you're getting, check out our stock application that lives on the Filemobile timeline.

Filemobile will be hosting, configuring, personalizing and launching this Facebook Contest on your behalf. In order to do this, we'll need a few things from you:

Creative Assets

The most important part of making the contest your own is your creative design elements. Here's what we need:

Tout-1.png (width: 730px)

Touts are the big call-to-action graphics at the top of the home page. Its below the navigation and its the first thing people will see, telling them what the contest is about. You should set a different tout for each phase of the contest, so that the people visiting the site know what's happening and why. You can use the same PSD to create all the tout images. Note that the touts can be any height.

See an example | download the PSD

Tout-2.png (width: 730px)

The tout for the second phase: Entries are closed, come back to vote when we pick some finalists.

See an example

Tout-3.png (width: 730px)

The tout for the third phase: Vote for the finalists!

See an example

Tout-4.png (width: 730px)

The tout for the fourth phase: Voting is closed, come back later to see the winners!

See an example

Tout-5.png (width: 730px)

The tout for the final phase: Check out the contest winner!

See an example

logo.png (width: 760px)

A smaller graphic than the tout that will go in welcome and moderation emails.

See an example | download the PSD

fangate_tout_unliked.jpg (width: 810px by height: 780px)

Also known as a like-gate. If you are implementing a Facebook like-gate page for your app, this image will be shown to users who have not yet liked your page. Alternatively, you can showcase the homepage gallery on the app page. This is a good way to increase the likes on your Facebook page.

See an example

fangate_tout_liked.jpg (width: 810px by height: 780px)

This is the companion image to fangate_tout_unliked.jpg image above is shown to fans of your Facebook page. If you aren't interested in a like-gate, just let us know and we can showcase the homepage gallery on the app page instead.

See an example

prizes.jpg (width: 688px)

The prizing page should be a large image that gets people pumped up about uploading and sharing. Make sure to include a call-to-action and other important details. We'll pull out some key terms to add to the page for search purposes.

buttons.png (sprite)

This sprite is used for the next and previous buttons on the /entry page, gallery pagers, the vote button and most of the clickable elements on the website. Except for the color blue, you probably don't need to change this image at all.

See an example | download the PSD

corners.png (sprite)

This sprite image is used for the navigation bar background, tab contents background, and the top and bottom of the various boxes. Again, changing this isn't absolutely necessary if you're happy with the base color scheme.

See an example | download the PSD

text.gif (128px x 128px)

If you are planning to accept text entries, you may wish to change the default thumbnail for text files.

See an example

CSS Styles

There are a few things like colors and fonts that need to be programmed in the CSS stylesheets. If you know what CSS is and have preferences, please fill out this style guide document and send it back to us.

If you don't know what CSS is but want your contest to fit in with the colors and fonts of an existing site, just type in the URL and we'll help ourselves.

If you don't have an example site handy, we can pull some colors from the creative assets you give us.

Copy Deck

The contest doesn't have a lot of text content and most of the time the defaults are fine. However, there is some copy that you'll want to personalize.

Download this copy deck (.docx), fill it out and send it back to us.


You'll need some rules to keep this on the up and up. One of the key things to keep in mind is that the winner should be chosen by the contest host or sponsor while considering vote counts. It's a bad idea to base the winner of the contest solely on vote counts.

Filemobile does not provide boilerplate or a sample rules document, but we can suggest looking at some examples:

Example rules (Canada) | another example (USA) | yet another example (QC)

We highly recommend having your legal council review the rules before posting. Send us the rules in PDF or MSWord format, please.

Log into Media Factory

Before the contest launches you should get acquainted with Media Factory. While Media Factory is a very powerful platform for managing content and applications, it is a simple and user-friendly environment to view, moderate and organize your user-generated content.

You should have received a welcome email from Media Factory when we set up your account. If you didn't, please send an email to that includes your full name, company and email address.

Your Check List

Read this email
Design and send creative assets
Complete and send the CSS style guide
Complete and send the copy deck
Send legal-approved rules document
Get acquainted with Media Factory
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